Creative Space with Jennifer Logue

My (Evolving) Definition of Creativity

November 27, 2022 Jennifer Logue
Creative Space with Jennifer Logue
My (Evolving) Definition of Creativity
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On this solo episode of "Creative Space," we recap creativity definitions we've explored so far in past interviews and I share my own core beliefs about creativity, which can be found in this blog post as well—although my perspective has already expanded a bit.

We also dive into a 1968  longitudinal study by researcher George Land that evaluated creative genius in 1,600 school children at age 5, age 10, and at age 15. The results may surprise you.

Finally, we explore an idea that crossed my mind about creativity over the course of  interviews conducted so far: could there be distinct stages to creativity?

Would love to know your thoughts. And if you have suggestions for interview subjects, feel free to reach out via my website or social media.

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0:28—A Recap on “Creativity” Definitions

1:36—My Definition of Creativity

2:00—The Creativity Study

4:00—Faith and Creativity

5:12—Our ideas don’t begin and end with us

5:50—Creativity breaks down to choice

6:30—Creativity as survival

7:00—Creativity as a healing tool

7:24—Creativity as play

A Recap on “Creativity” Definitions
My Definition of Creativity
The Creativity Study
Faith and Creativity
Our ideas don’t begin and end with us
Creativity breaks down to choice
Creativity as survival
Creativity as a healing tool
Creativity as play